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mark_harrison's Journal

The Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford Community
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Welcome to:
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If I need to tell you who Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Luke Skywalker or Han Solo are, then this may not be the group for you.

(thanks to ewan_hayden for some basics)
1. Must have atleast seen one of the Original Trilogy. All three would work better, but let's not be picky ;-)
2. Must be okay with slash. This is, more or less, a slash community, or a community based on a male/male relationship. This is for FPS AND RPS. This community may not be appropriate for everyone. If you are offended by male/male relationships, this is not the community for you.
3. Anything goes, as long as it's related to Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. All fanfics should be OTP. That's the point of this community.
4. Images are fine. Due to bandwidth and other imaging problems, please use lj-cuts (lj-cut text="inserthere") and change () to <>. Lj-cuts are important especially when posting large/multiple pictures or more than three icons
Once again, due to bandwidth, DO NOT HOTLINK. Upload to servers such as photobucket or Picturetrail
5. I will try to keep the Memories section updated with Fics, pictures, et cetera. Please look there first.
6. Fanfics are encouraged. Once again, FPS and RPS are allowed, but try to keep them OTP. The following information must be given:
- Title
- Rating
- Warning
All fics MUST be behind a lj-cut
7. Please respect peoples fanfics/work. Credit if you use images. Don't take their work and pass it off as yours. Commenting would also be nice- remember people work hard on the images and fanfics, so let them know what you think!
8. No "net speak." Plz dn't tlk lyk dis. It's annoying, hard to read, and extremely irrating.
9. No Spamming. Meaning, don't post just to exclaim about how hot Luke/Han/Mark/Harry/whoever is. We know, trust us. We probably wouldn't be here otherwise :) Try to stay on topic
10. Advertising is allowed, but it MUST CLEARLY be related to Star Wars or Mark Hamill or Harrison Ford.

Thanks for joining Mark_Harrison

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